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—Looking For Nucs or Packages?—


For 2019 I will be getting packages from New Zealand (Carnolians) in the spring early to mid April. A little about the packages...
They are really calm bees that are decent honey producers. They work really nice here on the island because they brood down nice and small in the fall and usually have lots of honey stores saved for the winter. In the spring they explode very quickly so having rooms for them is crucial. Over all they are very nice bees and the packages are great for getting going early in the spring. To find out more about avabiblity and pricing please email me at

Oh and if you don’t know what a package is...
These tube packages come in a 3” x 3’ tube. It is usually one Kilo of honey bees with a queen in a cage. The bees have all been inspected before shipment and have half a apivar strip hanging down with the bees for control of any mites that might be on the bees. Installing the package is very simple, once you have your hive set up where you want it, you simply bring to tube (package of bees) to that location. You take the tube and hit on the ground, having the tube vertical. The bees will fall to the bottom, you take the lid off, pull out the queen. (She is attached to a mesh fabric) and simply upend the tube into your hive. Then you replace the frames that you took out, and place the queen between them. This all sounds a little much for some of you maybe, but I will soon do a video to demonstrate. You will be able to find it on my Instagram @bigdsbees or Facebook.

The Nucs,

The nucs are a 4 frame hive that comes in a special cardboard box. It will have a Queen that is already laying and honey and brood and pollen and of course bees. All of these nucs will be inspected by the bee inspector and will be approved for sale. These bees will be a mix between some of my Italian bees and the New Zealand carnolians.  The cost in these will be around 250$ and should be ready mid to late May.
Installing a nuc is fairly simple. Again you will have your hive set up in the location that you are going to leave it. Have six frames removed from the hive and bring your nuc box over to your hive. If you have a smoker it’s not a bad idea to give them a little smoke so they are a little more relaxed and simply transfer the frames in the same order that you took them out of your nuc box into your hive. Slide them tight together and replace the last 2 missing frames. The queens in the nucs will be marked with a green dot for 2019. Again please check my instagram @bigdsbees and my Facebook for an instructional video.

Thank you for your support and if you would like to have a nuc or a package please let me know and I will put you on the list. The list fills up fast so please don’t hesitate in your reply.
I hope that this will be a wonderful bee season for us all!

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