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Bees For Sale

From your local Vancouver island bee supplier. 


—Looking For Nucs?—


Every Year we produce nucs, what is a nuc you say? Our Nucs are 4 deep frames with 2 or more frames of brood and the other frames are full of honey and pollen. They are established hives that you are able to take home and place directly into your bee boxes at home. The nucs come with second year proven queens and 2-3 pounds of very gentle bees. 

Please if you are interested in Nucs for 2018 please email me now so you can be put on the list. There is no deposit required and you will not be penalized if you choose not to go ahead with your order. The list fills ups very fast so if you are interested email me right away. Also if you do not have any equipment do not worry i carry everything you will need. 


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