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Big D’s Bees Honey is a family owned and operated commercial Bee Keeping and Honey Distribution Company. In 2007, Daniel Ludwig (Aka: Big D) started the company at the age of 22. Having dairy farming in his background, Daniel loved the land and what it provides for mankind. Honey bees are an essential part of our food source and being on Vancouver Island where our natural habitat is abundant, makes it a very unique honey producing area.

Since 2007 Daniel has learned about the fascinating life of the Honey Bee and has applied all his energy to that cause. He studied beekeeping on the mainland and worked with a Bee Inspector for his practicum. Attending seminars in BC and Canada are essential to learning the newest information about honey bees and the best ways to have a successful business. Daniel desires to grow his business to the full potential of the land around us. 

Currently with 500 hives which have the potential to produce 60,000 lbs of honey per year, Daniel continues to expand his colonies and business. Vancouver Island is a protected area for honey bees, and considering the pristine environment and natural habitat for bees in the area, it is an exciting and stable occupation. 

Big D’s Bees Honey produces Fireweed Honey, Wildflower Honey, Creamy Honey, Creamy Cinnamon Honey, Cocoa Honey, and seasonal honeys like Pumpkin Spice, which are all sold at major grocery chains on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, along with Health Food Stores and Farmers Markets. 

Daniel’s wife Justine works along side him doing marketing and distribution for the company. The couple enjoys raising their daughter and son here in the beautiful Comox Valley region.





Daniel Ludwig
Owner/Bee Master

Justine Ludwig
The Boss